MuleSoft, The Connected Forest

MuleSoft (a Salesforce brand) wanted attendees of the 2019 Dreamforce conference to understand that the first step in building a connected customer experience is to integrate data sources with MuleSoft APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Inspired partly by the interconnected root system of redwood trees and partly by Dance Dance Revolution, we created The Connected Forest, an interactive floor game where players learned about the power of Mulesoft APIs.

Players worked together to connect the trees’ roots. In this game, the trees represented data sources.

Through gameplay, visitors learned that MuleSoft’s APIs would help them build better, faster data connections.

This experience lived in Integration Grove, MuleSoft’s innovation zone at Dreamforce. After playing in The Connected Forest, attendees visited the BMW station to learn how BMW used MuleSoft APIs to build a connected customer experience.